Hi! I’m Meredith.

I was created in the 80’s, refined in the 90’s, and raised in the suburban paradise of Columbia, Maryland.

After getting my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Florida, I hightailed it to California. Having lived in Los Angeles for nearly a decade, it feels more like home than it doesn’t. It’s a weird city and I like it.

I do a lot of different stuff.

I work.

Meredith Brace Sloss

Meredith Brace Sloss

Entertainment Business and Production

I’m currently working for the Los Angeles branch of the British Film Commission. I adore my job. In the past, I’ve been paid to…

  • make wine
  • prepare gluten-free meals for a screenwriter
  • teach physics to schoolchildren in theme parks
  • post pictures on Instagram from the red carpet of the Emmys
  • be Buzz Lightyear

…and more. I’m a scrappy and resourceful Jack of All Trades. If it needs to get done, I can do it.

I like producing projects with heart and purpose and plan on eventually collecting residuals while sipping poolside mojitos. To make that dream a reality, I hustle on the side.

I volunteer.

Irish Screen America is an organization that supports and guides Irish media-makers with screenings, industry panels, discussions and master classes in New York in Los Angeles. I recently assisted in the operation of their west coast film festival and am working with the Deputy Director to build the community in LA.


I make websites.

I think the best way to solve the world’s ills is to educate so I’m happy to assist Project Elev8, a team that travels to Haiti to rebuild and renovate a school in Port-au-Prince. With my knowledge of Photoshop, HTML skills, and WordPress know-how, I’ve helped with rebranding, designing the above logo, developing their website, and reestablishing their social media.

I’ve produced podcasts.

I launched both The Bevs and Emotionally Broken Psychos (with Ariana Madix and Molly McAleer, respectively). The Bevs had up to 3,800 downloads per episode in it’s first year and Psychos debuted to a listenership of over 12,000 in it’s first month. I also developed the websites for both podcasts and did a fair amount of social media outreach.

I write stuff.


Oh my GOD, I have my website back.

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Ireland, Post Mortem

…and no one asked me what my job was. There are more important things to worry about – like whether your next drink is going to be a pint or a half pint.

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Ireland, Days 2 & 3

It’s hard to keep up…writing blog entries.

Not drinking. The drinking? I’m good at.

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Ireland, Day 1

I’ve made it to Dublin. How crazy; a desperation to take an LA break and a my friend Chloë’s tour through Ireland lined up incredibly well. So! Here I am.

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Lemme Talk About Lyft

When I quit my job, I did so with the safety net of Lyft. Rideshare would save me! I would be free to be me! Then I got hired for the only job I applied for.

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When I blog, it’s not about anything in particular; whatever tickles my fancy enough to sit down, type more than 140 characters, and hit “Post”.

Speaking of 140 characters, I tweet rather reliably. Some might say too much.

I’ve written short stories, sketches and copy for websites, presentations, and commercials. I’ve also edited teleplays and consulted on story.

I take pictures.

I have a Nikon D40 and D5300 and three lenses (the kit 18-55mm, a 35mm f/1.8G, and a 55-200mm f/4-5.6G).  I post my favorite pictures on Flickr.

Max likes the new camera, too.

A photo posted by Meredith Kate ? (@meredithk8) on

I love Instagram. I post what I like; my feed isn’t particularly curated and I don’t play that hashtag game. Mostly I end up posting a lot of silly pictures and videos of my dog.

I’m getting more comfortable with shooting and editing video. I use Final Cut 10 and shoot on the D5300.

This is a weird video I made when I was bored.

Other things that matter to me, in no particular order:

feminism, #blacklivesmatter, intelligence, Star Wars, politics (pragmatic left), finding the perfect GIF in response to a text, TV shows (genre stuff like Orphan Black and Game of Thrones and Black Mirror, comedies like Catastrophe and black-ish and Broad City, dramas like The Fall and UnREAL, and most things British), Beyoncé, my friends, drinking Guinness

While I’m pretty good at not typing anything too inflammatory in such a public domain, I’d be remiss not to state that the thoughts expressed on this site (and via my social media) are mine and mine alone.

Thanks for stopping by!

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