Today, I’m getting up and out early so that I can go get fingerprinted. One doesn’t usually get excited about fingerprinting, but I’m doing it so that my adventure with 826LA can begin.

One of the first times I came to Los Angeles, my best friend and her then-boyfriend-now-husband took me to the Echo Park Time Travel Mart. It is exactly what it sounds like: a shop that sells goods form the past, present, and future. It was goofy and I loved it, but what I dug even more was that was a fundraising effort for 826LA, a non-profit writing and tutoring center.  I decided that if I moved to LA, I had to volunteer with them.

Admittedly, it’s taken me a while. I had a million other things running through my head when I first arrived, like: How will I earn enough money to buy a flat surface (AKA a table)? Once I got a job, I didn’t think that I had the time to give, as my employers were tyrannical and would expect that I drop everything on a Thursday evening to work straight through the weekend until Tuesday morning. Funny, whenever I peruse job postings, there are always openings at that organization…

I digress. I finally had the time to get in touch with 826LA, scheduled a Volunteer Orientation session, and was floored by the offerings that they have. They’ve got after school tutoring everyday that they provide at no cost. The waiting list to get in is 2 years long. They offer weekend workshops, in-school assistance, and field trips. Everyone of the employees and volunteers was stoked to be there, and every single new volunteer was chomping at the bit to help. Also, everyone looked too cool for school.  Seriously, just…BEAUTIFUL and intelligent-seeming and well-dressed people.

I’ve had quite a bit of trouble finding a location that is open to get my finger printing done, as expressed in these very frustrated tweets:

So, I think I’ve found a place in my neighborhood that can do it before I have afternoon engagements. If not? I’m leaving my house early to allow for LiveScan Scavenger Hunting. I’m especially inspired after watching this TedTalk…

Sometimes I forget – while making my world-conquering plans – that it’s important to act local, think global. A “small” thing, like helping a kid with sentence structure, makes a long-term impact. I’m more than ready to get started!

PS – There is a tiny dog that lives at The Time Travel Mart. His name is Prof. Alex Pawsworth, and his Twitter account kills me.


The location I went to for fingerprinting also does passport photos. A few “celebrity” passport photos were on display. The only two I recognized were Wentworth Miller and THIS ONE:

Courtney Stodden is my favorite kind of hot mess. BLESS.

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