I watched the premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show last night, and this is the equation my brain cooked up as I watch Jessica Lange go full-on Glee:

image from www.justout.com



I felt embarrassed for Lange, but mostly for Ryan Murphy (who promises there’s going to be a Lana Del Rey cover? WHY), and I just don’t get why there isn’t anyone on that team that’s pumping the brakes.  

Murder House was so much fun and Asylum did a good job wrapping up all gazillion of the storylines it birthed in the first episode. Coven started with such promise but left me annoyed that anything that fragmented could make it on television. My expectations are so low with Freak Show…and that on-the-nose performance kept them low. If this is going to be a season about embracing your crazy and letting your freak flag fly (proudly and on a stage, as it seems), I’ve already learned that lesson, and I learned it better with drag queens, thankyouverymuch.

The sex stuff was gratuitous, but I expected that (and liked it (haha, I’m not trying to kid anyone)). The scary clown stuff is gonna be fun. I dug the Fallopian-tubed demon imagery (the main tent’s entrance, and Lange’s handbag). I think the split-screen shot is interesting and nostalgic, although it would better serve the production if the story was set in the 60’s as that when it was popularized in film…but “Lana Del Rey“, so what the fuck ever!

I hope this season ends up telling the tale of how a saucy, limelight-craving old German woman ends up writing songs for David Bowie. That’s a show I’d like to watch.

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