I am recovering from summer heartbreak. My coping mechanism has been television (Orphan Black and Parks and Recreation), the occasional glass of scotch, and social avoidance. I wavered between posting a lot on social media to appear totallychill!lookhowfineiam! to posting nothing because not much was making me happy and I didn’t want to look like a Debbie Downer.


I’m better this week than last week, and last week I was better than the week previous. As frustrating as the situation ended up being, the world reminds me that things could always be worse; I could have ebola (/live in Dallas *shudder*), ISIS could be in my backyard, I could not have basic human rights, etc, etc, etc. Big picture, everything is fine. I pick up and move on, as “eternal sunshining” is not an option (nor would I want it to be).


Some of my friends have been extremely helpful. It’s good to have a mix of old friends who know how to handle your shit and new friends who are oblivious to your shit. One day at a time is the mantra I’ve been following. If I seem to have been off my A-game? I have been, but I’m getting better.

Until I’m totally back on that horse, I will continue to find solace in Chris Traeger.


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