Boys with the Boys, and Girls with the Girls!

Growing up, this was a saying within my family…one of those weird phrases that ends up sticking. My mom did a lot of stuff with me (chauffeuring me to ice skating and dance) and my dad would chaperone my brother (karate and art lessons). It ended up working out schedule-wise, as my extra-curriculars were on weekdays and my dad would frequently work late, and he didn’t like/wasn’t good at traveling out of town for competitions. If we did all go out of town and stayed in a hotel, I’d sleep in bed with my mom (we’re night owls), and my brother would sleep in bed with my dad (who was willing to put up with my brother’s night-punching). Boys with the boys, girls with the girls. Sometimes, that’s a concept that works.

Sometimes it’s not. Like, for instance, when you’re an executive at a movie studio and you have your finger on the go-button for a franchise reboot.

I’m having a very “What. The. Fuck.” knee jerk reaction to the announcement of a male-centric Ghostbuster remake. An announcement that’s been made two months before the female-centric version of the film goes into production.

I don’t have all of the facts, but Sony HAS to be aware that a quick survey of the situation makes it look like they don’t trust the women, right? I was so stoked about the lady news a few months ago, mostly because I believe that Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon are under-appreciated goddesses. I thought it was forward-thinking for the studio to turn the whole reboot machine on it’s head and do something new with an old property.

I’m bothered by this very gendered decision. I’m already feeling nauseous about impending headlines, pitting the gals against the guys.

And from what I’m reading, apparently this is the beginning of a much bigger Ghostbusters push. Is anyone asking for that? Don’t get me wrong, I think the franchise is fun and was a big part of my childhood…but, I guess if you greenlight too many original stories now, we’ll have too many potential franchises to exploit 30 years from now. Right?

Ugh. There are just so many shades of frustration I have about the whole situation. I can’t even properly express how I feel.  Mostly, it’s this:


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