Los Angeles is a funny place. Such weight is placed on pop culture and for someone like me, who is a pop culture addict – I wanna get a PhD in it some day, no lie – LA is a wonderland.

I picked up a friend from LAX a few weeks back. It was the first time I’d been inside the international terminal, and PHEW! What a place. I made the mistake of wearing a see-through shirt, which in hindsight was a terrible idea, as a plane from the Middle East had just landed and there were many covered women. I felt like a heathen.

To distract me from feeling like such a slut, there was this kid, who came dressed as a ninja to pick up a loved one.

COMPLETE WITH A SWORD. I really dug his fuck-the-man joie de vivre.

While there, I wondered if I’d see any celebrities. As though God were listening, Danny Trejo walked up the incline. Immediately past security, he got down on his knees to greet a fluffy puppy. He was really into it, hugging the dog, letting it lick his face, laughing.

How nice of Danny Trejo’s friends and/or family! I thought to myself, To greet him with his beloved four-legged friend.

A teenager, who I assumed was a relative of Danny Trejo’s got down on the ground as well, handed his phone to someone I thought was another Trejo clan member, and a picture was taken. Danny Trejo shook the kid’s hand, ruffled the dog’s fur, stood, and walked away.

It wasn’t his dog. He was just really into some stranger’s dog.

It was like, the sweetest, most genuine thing I’ve ever seen.

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