Upon quitting my job with only the wisp of a safety net (“I guess…I’ll drive Lyft?”), I have found employment. More on what exactly it is I’ll be doing when I have a better idea of the new company’s policy on social media…but suffice to say that it’s incredibly up my alley, I’m really excited about it, and my years of anglophilia will finally pay off.

One of my fears upon quitting my last job was that I’d be unemployed for a long time. When I gave up everything and moved to Los Angeles in 2011, I spent three and a half months temping before Fox Sports hired me (and LOL, I still can’t believe in I worked in sports). In 2013 I quit a start-up that wasn’t starting up because I had a couple of opportunities on my plate…but then all of those opportunities fell through and I was jobless for four months. There wasn’t really any promise that this paycheckless stint wouldn’t be any different. I promised myself that I’d survive on Lyft. For my career trajectory’s sake, I wouldn’t apply for a job unless it was something that I really, really wanted to do.

This was one of two jobs that I applied for, which I did in my last week of work. It was to a company I knew no one at, through one of those vacuous, personality-free corporate websites that sucks your resume into a black hole with what feels like no guarantee of anyone on the other side.

But alas! The company’s Human Resource team in Washington DC emailed me for a phone interview, which I had less than a week after my last day at ABC. A week later I was in Century City for a panel interview. Six days later I got a “Congratulations!” call.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows – I’m taking a pay cut to do this and it is still an assistant position. But that said, it’s an assistant job that makes sense for me. I’m going to be working with women who know that I want to contribute and have given me the green light to do so. We talked about the TV and movies we love, the glory of efficiency, and the joy that comes from information properly organized on a spreadsheet – I’ll crusade until everyone is aware that “ALT+ENTER” creates a new line in a cell!!

So! I’m stoked. This company knows what I’m about from the get-go and is small enough that I believe my efforts are going to be noticed and appreciated. Even better? They’re okay with the vacation I have booked after my start date. So my first day is October 3rd, and then eight days later I take off for Ireland.

October is going to be great.

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