I haven’t posted much because life’s been great. I’ve been too busy living and loving. But, I’m posting tonight because it’s the first night of my big summer trip. I’m driving cross country– NAY, cross CONTINENT, with one of my very best friends.

This is Michael, and we’ve been besties since 2003.

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We were supposed to go on an epic vacation this winter, but I flaked because money was tight. He went a trip solo instead, to Alaska. He fell in love with the place and is at a time in his life in which moving there is feasible. He (like me) believes that opportunities should be seized, and so he’s moving from Orlando to Fairbanks.

When he decided to move there, he asked if I’d be interested in driving with him. He wanted to do it in six days. I said yes because I care deeply and assist those I love, because he said he’d pay for hotels and my flight home, and because I (like Mike) am prone to seizing an opportunity…crazy as they may be.

This is Night One. I’m in Orlando, staying in a nice hotel for cheap because the big conglomerate I work for has many a discount hotel room in this town. I should be asleep, but I’m hard-wired to Pacific Standard Time at this point in my life.

(Oy, I’m going to lose track of time on this trip, aren’t I? So many time zones.)

Tonight I ran to the Magic Kingdom with my parents, brother, and sister-in-law, then had a very nice dinner. It was the first time we’ve all been together since…I wanna say my brother’s wedding? That was three years ago. Crazy.

I paid for tonight’s meal, which felt pretty baller.

Then, drinks were had with these cuties…

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…whom I worked with years ago when I was a Theme Park Employee.

Y’all? Time fucking flies.

Michael is picking me up in the morning, and we’re off to Nashville. Then Sioux Falls SD, then Regina SK, then Ft. St. John BC, then Whitehorse YK, then finally Fairbanks. As far as side trips/highlights go, we’re hitting Mount Rushmore, a hot spring in rural Canada, and spending a night in a yurt. Who knows what madness will transpire in between.

I’m just hoping we don’t get mauled by a bear or hit a moose.

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