…just look at it! Absolutely nothing. And I have no reception, so while Michael is driving, I suppose I should write up about yesterday’s travels and post when I can.

We fell in love with St. Louis, something I definitely didn’t expect! I mean, it’s the birthplace of my good pal (Tom Sandoval) and one of my favorite men (Jon Hamm), so I don’t know why I underestimated it. But we pulled in, and shoot! It was super clean and the Gateway Arch was more breathtaking than I was expecting. And as someone who’s not necessarily a sports fan, I was way impressed with the Busch Stadium area.

We stopped at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial just outside of the Arch, which was such a sweet slice of Americana. One of the Park Ragners dropped me while I was talking to my mom on FaceTime to show me how to take this fun dome shot with a self timer.


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Then we went to Angelo’s Taverna, where I ate toasted ravioli, which is, apparently, a midwest thing? It was ravioli breaded, friend, and served with marinara. Not normally my thing! But I figured, when in St. Louis.

If you go to Angelo’s? As for Kia. She was so sweet and friendly.

The drive out of St. Louis was lovely…the surrounded suburbs are gorgeous, or at least were from the highway. We stopped a few hours outside the city and picked up a mount for the dashboard so that we could take time lapse video.

Then we got real sick of Missouri. It never seemed to end! We found a way to take a quick detour and knock Kansas off our “States Visited” list, and then another detour just out of Iowa to knock Nebraska off the same list. The Nebraska detour was a blast though, because we found a Lewis and Clark Visitor Center! It was closed, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t put the selfie stick to work.

The rest of the evening was spent driving to Sioux Falls. In the distance on the I-29, we saw fireworks. Turned out that they’d just been legalized in the state of South Dakota that night! What are the odds?

We got to our destination safe and sound. We went with Airbnb for our accommodations, and can’t sing the praises of Karen enough. Her home was impeccable, and she was extremely hospitable. She even made us to-go breakfasts for the next morning!

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