I’m at the airport. I haven’t updated in a few days because internet connectivity is spotty up here. I’ll post retroactively! I continued to write about my travels and stockpiled my feelings/our experiences. Plus, I’m going to post the best of the 1,000+ photos I took on my Flickr account. (I used all three of my DSLR lenses!)

Going home after traveling is always weird, right? Traveling is such a shock to the system, such a break in routine. I’ve had a pretty steady routine for a year now, save for holidays and a few days off here and there.

I used to cry when vacations would end. I didn’t like my routine, I didn’t like where I lived. The places I travelled to were always infinitely more interesting than the place I was returning to.

My, how the tides have changed.

Don’t get me wrong! This trip was incredible. It was a tidal wave. I haven’t even begun to process the enormity of what Michael and I did. I gained some very interesting perspective, I found some little tiny communities that I’d love to visit again, I bought fun gifts for the people that I love. But, fuck. I wanna get home.

Home is California. It’s not Maryland, where I was born. It’s not Florida, the state my parents and brother are in. It’s Los Angeles: the bizarre town I’m charting my own course in. Alone, but surrounded by friends who love me dearly and have become my chosen family.

LA is full of delicious food and weirdos who are interested in your shit, even if only for a minute. It’s a place of gender equality – or is, at least the very worst, leaps and bounds further along than most of the places that I just visited. My gay friends aren’t side-eyed. It’s normal to ask the questions, “But what do you want to do? What are you working on?” immediately after a person tells you what their “job” is. There is nature – the great outdoors! – and it’s all within reach. Admittedly, it’s a gross and gritty city sometimes, but it’s a place that I’ve learned to disappear into when I need to. It gets me, and I get it.

I’m so happy to be going back to a place that I want to go back to.

They’re calling for my plane to board. I’m going to have a short layover in Seattle, and then, finally, I return to that sprawling urban wasteland that I lurve. <3

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