“Earthquake” is on the tip of everyone’s tongue in Southern California. Of the little ones that we’ve had recently, I’ve only felt one; a friend was staying over (the one I picked up from the airport) and I thought the BOOM I heard was him rolling off the couch in the middle of the night. Some say that the little ones are good, that they’re relieving plate stress…other people tell me that this is just a prelude to an apocalyptic-level crisis.

This weekend, a group of friends (California natives might I add) discussed the emergency kits they were buying or already had. The next morning, while making my bed, I realized that all of the pictures on my wall and books on my shelf were crooked.


(Also, maybe sleeping with books over my head isn’t the best idea? Oy. SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT.)

On top of all of this, I recently watched How I Live Now, a movie about what World War 3 might be like. SPOILER ALERT – doesn’t look too promising.

I decided that it was time to think about worst case scenarios.

Since I’m between projects, I called up my mom and told her that I was using her credit card to buy emergency preparedness supplies to be shared between myself, my best friend, and her husband, since we live in the same building. She was agreeable. She also told me that if there was an earthquake, not to worry! She’d be driving to get me. From Florida. I didn’t want to freak her out, but likelihood of getting into LA if there is a major disaster?


Not so good.

Rather than buying a pre made emergency kit full of cheaply-made items, I referred to this government list for my spending spree. Thanks, Obama!

Below are the items I purchased, all available on Amazon, all rated four stars and up, and all within the folds of Prime membership because I’m a civilized member of society. (Seriously though, I don’t know how anyone lives without Prime. I think it’s a step towards higher evolution. Give it a go (for free!) for 30 days and tell me I’m wrong.)

For Health!

For Nourishment!

For Escape!

For Safety!

Items that my pals and I already have on hand are: an additional crank flashlight from IKEA, a Life Gear 4 in 1 whistle/glowstick/strobe/LED flashlight, a camp stove, camping gear, tools, lighters and matches, batteries, can openers, books and wit to keep us entertained, and canned food (including many cans of beans, because my friend buys a lot of beans). I’m also following LA Quakebot on Twitter which is equal parts informative and frightening.

To be purchased: more water, hand sanitizer, extra pet food, and a locker to store our survivalist gear. I’m also going to try to be more diligent about keeping my gas tank full.

This all feels overkill, but I suppose that’s the point. Here’s to hoping it is!

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