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The following blurbs were written for a yet-to-be-launched film education website. The directive was that they be written in a conversational voice that was honest and “pithy”.

A fantastic site for animation news! The site is divided into a myriad of sections, including Reviews, Jobs, Forums, etc. While AWN doesn’t have many resource articles, the news alone is worth a visit.

The blog for ITVS, which is the funding arm of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The site has a PBS-y slant, so it’s a great resource for insight into some current independent features and docs. More for context than for education, but super-smart nonetheless.

Blockbuster continues to prove that it doesn’t understand how 21st Century Audiences watch movies with it’s streaming service, Blockbuster On Demand. Provide your credit card number to watch films for $2.99 each. Why turn to them when iTunes, Amazon, and Netflix are available?

This website started as a mailing list back in 1996, so the information found within it’s folds tends toward discussion. There is a ton of reference and resource material. It is absolutely worth visiting if you have any interest in the technicalities of filmmaking.

Don’t be fooled by the Geocitiesesque design of this site…it’s got great (free!) VFX stock footage.

A well laid out, clear, worthwhile site for a magazine that covers all aspects of filmmaking.

Hybrid Cinema redirects to and that pretty much is all you need to say about it — it’s all Jon Reiss, all the time. Jon is a consultant, and his website is very focused on selling his services.

If you don’t know IMDB, you’re in the wrong business. It’s the quintesscential, go-to resource for film, cast, and crew credits, made all-the-stronger by Pro membership.

The folks at Indy Mogul are goofy, but the enthusiasm is infectious and charming. A fun YouTube channel with tips for amateur filmmakers looking for low-budget techniques to get things done

John August is a successful screenwriter who is sharing his wealth of knowledge via blog and podcast (“Scriptnotes”, with Craig Mazin). The site is crisp, clear, and witty. Highly recommended.

With it’s simple design, up-to-date plethora of scripts and advice, this is a magnificent resource and anyone interested in screenwriting should have it bookmarked.

This group has a great deal of information, but it’s not presented well. They’ve only got a YouTube channel, free from mission statements or company description. Their interviews are thoughful and insightful, but it’s not clear what exactly is looking to do.

Roku’s site conveys the company’s happy-go-lucky approach to home distribution. Not only are they thrilled to provide an excellent product…they want to have a good time while doing it.

ScriptMag offers a bevy of information for, you guessed it: Screenwriters! While the site is a little old and clunky, it’s chock full of great, relevant advice.

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