“DO UNTO OTHERS…” is the “Golden Rule”, right? I’m not religious…so this wasn’t something that was bestowed upon me in Sunday school or VBS growing up. I was raised slightly agnostic, with tinges of Catholic shame from my mom, hints of Eastern transcendalism from my dad, and Jewish guilt from my best friends. Each has their own idea of being nice to other people with the faith that it’ll come back to you in some way, shape, or form.

I’d say that in terms of dogma, that’s my number one driving force right now. To be fair, it’s a smart way to operate in Los Angeles; you never really know who is going to suddenly rise to stardom at the drop of a hat. Of course, there is a difference between genuinely caring about someone and “caring” about people that you have a feeling are in a position to make it to the next level.  I’m three-years-new out here, but I’m pretty sure that knowing the difference between those two situations is the key to being an actual human being rather than a dick. If I don’t really care for a person, I keep them at arms length and try to be civil.

The unfortunate thing about letting the Golden Rule dictate your thoughts and actions is coming to terms with the fact that not everyone else is doing the same thing. They’re not always going to appreciate you. It’s hard to keep the faith when you’re giving and giving and giving, but not receiving and receiving and receiving.

In the past, I would have written something like this in a passive aggressive way; seeking empathy from all or hoping a specific person would see the error of their ways and give more to me. (OH, TO BE 17 AND HAVE ACCESS TO BLOGGING.) The thing is, I’ve realized that I’m totally selfish in my giving. It makes me feel good. Thank goodness I have Joey Tribbiani and Phoebe Buffay to better explain:

(Also, #CHANDLER always and forever.)

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