Oh my GOD, I have my website back.

Y’all, I’m looking for GoDaddy alternatives because I’ve been in a tangle with then since last October. Purchasing a new hosting plan and transferring two websites over to said plan took THREE MONTHS. A nightmare.

I missed posting about the entirety of my trip to Ireland. I missed sharing how much I love my new job. I missed writing about what the election meant to me and the funk I’ve been in since November 8th. But…I guess the internet is rife with think pieces and liberal tears, right? My perspective is but a drop in the ocean!

Regardless, I got some really cool shots of the Women’s March and the protest at LAX (What do Congressman John Lewis and I have in common? SIT INS!) that I’ll share. I’ll retroactively post about my Irish vacation. I’ll get more active in sharing my feelings because Vulnerability is the New Black.

It’s just nice to have my trusty WordPress dashboard back. Now I can go back to feeling guilty about not creating enough content. 💃

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