I’ve made it to Dublin. How crazy; a desperation to take an LA break and a my friend Chloë’s tour through Ireland lined up incredibly well. So! Here I am.

I’m traveling with my best friend. She was here a decade ago, this is my first time. We made some rough plans that have slowly firmed up the closer we got to travel dates. We decided to spend a good amount of time in the city, but to also travel up to Boyle with Chloë because of our shared love of Moone Boy and down to Dingle because of Ireland’s love of Fungie.

Traveling yesterday was difficult. We flew American Airlines. I don’t make a habit of flying with them, but the tickets were $530 RT. From Los Angeles. It was too good to pass up.

I don’t think I’ll fly with them again. While first leg of the trip was amazing – the plane was new, attendants were attentive, and the free movie library was intense! But from JFK to Dublin? A nightmare.


They boarded the plan super early, I got harassed by a security guard who told me my bag was too big to carry-on (despite having just carried it on a plane an hour earlier, and also for the seven years I’ve had that luggage, whatever), and the food was so so gross.


Also, no seatback screens on the NYC to Dublin flight. W.T.F. My pal and I ended up watching a weird Sally Field movie and the No Tomorrow pilot on my computer. Eventually we landed in Dublin, where most signs are in English and the sweet, old-timey nonsense language of Gaelic.

We bought Freedom of the City tickets at the airport, which I’d recommend! It got us from the airport to very near out hotel (Generator Hostel), as well as providing hop on-hop off bus tours, Little Museum admission, and public bus transport. €33! Not awful.

We’re staying at Generator for a night before heading off to an Airbnb…we didn’t want to risk flying into the city at 7am and having an Airbnb host not want us until 4pm. I’m thanking my lucky stars that Generator was actually able to accommodate us earlier…rather than just stowing our bags at the front desk, we were checked into a room. Yay showers! Yay naps! I thought I was too old for hostels, but we got a room with an ensuite bathroom so it’s fine. The walls however are entirely too thin. ?

The rest of the afternoon is a blur. We ventured out for food (which wasn’t great), tried to get our cell phones sorted with Tesco Mobile (which wasn’t fully explained to us), and eventually just made our way to the Hop On, Hop Off tour. That was fantastic – our driver was great and I’d highly recommend him if I’d been cognizant enough to remember his name. He constantly gave sass to passerbys and jaywalkers – “Ah, lookit these two crossin’! They’re sick of living.”

I should have taken a ton of pictures on the tour, but I didn’t. Honestly, I was so loopy from jet lag that I’m surprised I was able to stay upright for as long as I did.

We wandered back to our room and got food at the hotel bar, which wasn’t bad! Today is Newgrange (older than the pyramids and Stonehenge!) and our Airbnb check-in. I’ve had a full night’s sleep, so I’m ready to go.

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