So! We hit the ground running yesterday with a trip to Hill of Tara and Newgrange. I’ll have to expound later on how powerful it was. But like, fuck.

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Came back, checked into the Airbnb. It’s like we’re staying in the equivalent of a two bedroom in Echo Park. We then hightailed it to South Dublin for a Literary Pub Crawl where we met some baller old ladies.

Does it surprise you that these are the friends I’m making in Ireland?

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Today? We slept in and then met our pal Chloë for fry up at Hatch and a tour of the Little Museum of Dublin (SHOUT OUT TO RONAN, an excellent tour guide). Guys, go  to the Little Museum if you’re in Dublin. The website didn’t sell the experience…but Ronan? Ronan did. Also…the U2 Room.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: There is a U2 room at the @littlemuseumofdublin.

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We then spent a good amount of time walking around Dublin trying to figure out what to do next. The Book of Kells was closed, as was the Whiskey Museum, and then it started raining. We did a bit of shopping and ate some Tapas before heading to Temple Bar and drinking up at the Ha’Penny Bridge Inn.

@chloeagnew insisted on taking this picture. It was pouring. ☔️ #ireland

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Tomorrow is MUSEUM DAY with Chloë…we’re gonna hit the stuff we wanted to today, plus bog bodies and maybe the Guinness Storehouse (I mean, make no mistake, I’m GOING there at some point on this trip, it’s just that it may be tomorrow or later in the week).

Also? We’re moving over to Chloë’s place and she’s gonna show us her favorite Irish TV shows (Gogglebox, anyone??).

Loving this city and this country immensely.  ?

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