Lately, I’ve become more aware of how scary it is to be a single lady. Walking alone at night never used to frighten me, but lately I’ve been hyper-aware. I’m not sure why…nothing in particular has happened to myself or a friend. Maybe my maternal instincts are juicing up? Who knows.

I texted a friend of mine yesterday and said something along the lines of, “Hey, let’s be safe ladies. Do these things with me.”. Thankfully, she understands my very sudden fixations, and said “Okay”.

Won’t you be safe ladies with us?



This is a web service (not an app, unfortunately!) that checks in with you via text message. Should you not reply, the service texts designated emergency contacts that something may be wrong. Also, if something is going wrong, you can text a specific code word to Kitestring, and they’ll text your emergency contacts with a duress text.

If you’ve an iPhone, you can add the Kitestring app to your home screen by tapping the “share” button while in Safari, then tapping “Add to Home Screen”.

I’m using this in combination with:

Find My Friends

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 12.03.56 PM

This app freaked me out when I first got my iPhone. The idea of friends knowing exactly where I’m at whenever they want to know? Creepy. No thank you.

Then I realized that you choose who sees you, and you can choose to go invisible if you’d like. Much less creepy. Should something go wrong, my hope is that my Kitestring contacts can check Find My Friends and see where I’m at.


At all times, I carry with me The Cat key chain and a rape whistle. Should I be attacked, I’m emotionally prepared to gouge a motherfucker’s eyes out.


Additionally? Know where you’re going, walk with purpose, keep valuables secured, and don’t be an idiot.

Be safe out there, kids!

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