Yesterday, I completed a goal: To drive 75 passengers with Lyft within 30 days. Doing so awarded me a bonus with Lyft – $750!

When I quit my job, I had the safety net of Lyft. Rideshare would save me! I wouldn’t get a new job just for the sake of paying bills! I would be free to be me! Then I got hired for the only job I applied for – one I was excited about, qualified for, and in a field I’m endlessly interested in. Out the door went my plan of being planless, of driving around the city in circles and meeting tons of wonderful and/or weird people.

Which…is for the best. Driving Lyft was much more a game than I anticipated it would be. Unless you’re driving during peak hours, the money is kind of paltry. I did the math and while sometimes I made as much as $40/hour, most of the time I made as little as $10 an hour. Bottom line? I don’t like playing games. I’m not competitive. I don’t have a fire in my belly to prove myself in that kind of way.

I didn’t anticipate meeting as many friendly people as I did. Nice people with nice stories! The dad whose 3 year old baby girl was just starting preschool. The corporate insurance salesman who took piano lessons in South Central after work. The little girl who finishes her homework early and dreams of being a cop or a pediatrician. The woman who spent 30 years as an HR professional and started acting because she’s really good at it and it makes her happy. The Marine who is about to become a civil engineer after two terms abroad. The student from Israel who helped refugee torture victims from Eritrea in her home country and was so moved by the bleakness of Skid Row that she changed her focus to serve homeless youth.

I drove so many ladies to and from school. Ladies are killing it.

There were rides that made me laugh. The preschool teacher who revealed to me that her roommate is a prostitute because we happened to pass said roommate’s car on the way to our destination. The little girl who declared to her mother and I that school will never be as good as it was when she was in the 2nd grade. The pack of boys from inner city Richmond who came to LA to buy shoes and talked about rimjobs (“I won’t even eat out my wife’s ass when I’m married! I don’t gobble no butt cheeks!”).

I only had two sucky rides. The first was a perfumed pack of girls traveling from Beverly Hills to WeHo to get their eyebrows done. They were quite judgey about the low volume Arcade Fire I was playing. I switched it to Club Radio on Spotify and Turn Down for What came on, which placated them. I had to drive around the block real fast with my windows down to aerate my vehicle.

The other was a mansplainer who told me that he really loved being an Uber/Lyft driver himself. “Got in on the ground floor, 3 years ago.” he said to me, to which I wanted to respond, “You didn’t ‘get in on the ground floor’, You’re not a part-owner, dickhead. You’ve just been driving for a long time. Cool it.” He asked if I used to be a taxi driver because I was really running up the meter…

…or y’know, WHATEVER, I was using Google Maps and it took me the fastest route and the next exit up the freeway drops you off in the middle of NoHo not at the far end of Lankershim which means less time at lights so FUCK OFF you should know that if you got in on the ground floor of Uber. He told me that he went to film school but he really liked rideshare because he likes not being told what to do. Mmmhmmmm, I bet you like that, Guy.

Then he asked for my number so he could give me his Uber code and make money off me if I joined Uber. ?

I only got scared twice. Both times were with white guys who wore hoodies and looked hungover/high. They were fine…in fact, the one left me this review:


So, that’s cute! Speaking of reviews…


In the end, I have a 4.97 rating.

Will I do more Lyft driving? I don’t know. I feel like I spent more time driving home from far flung locations. During the week I drove the most, I filled up my gas tank twice which doesn’t seem worth it to me. Maybe if I had a Prius!

I’m glad I did it. It scared me, but I did it anyway. That bonus will pay my rent this month, so that’s good.

I’m on to new adventures! This weekend is dedicated to Irish Screen America, next week I have time to prep for my new job the following week, and then right after that…did I mention I’m going to Ireland??

October is going to be lovely. ?☘


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