He’s an American Treasure and I have a crush on him. This is the story of how I met Dick Van Dyke.

I saw this tweet yesterday…

…followed by another tweet detailing that he’d be there the next day. (In other words, today!) Having already made tentative plans with my friend Ariana and her boyfriend Tom, I texted her immediately.  


I turned on notifications in Twitter to alert me and around 11am, this little gem popped up:   

I got dressed, hightailed it to West Hollywood to pick up my pals, then sailed down Sunset to avoid the Memorial Day Mess on the 10.  On the drive we discussed potential themes for Tom’s upcoming birthday party (he’s very open to suggestions, y’all), getting to Malibu around 1:10. Ariana and I were very nervous that we might have missed him, but lo, sitting at a card table outside of Starbucks – as though he, his two pals, and lovely wife were selling Girl Scout cookies – was Dick Van Dyke in all his glory.

The whole crew was super sweet. They told us that they were collecting funds to buy wheelchairs for veterans, and donating to the cause felt especially appropriate this weekend. Mr. Van Dyke happily took pictures with us (Mrs. Van Dyke is a pro with a iPhone!) and even sang Happy Birthday to Ariana’s grandma.

I’ve been a fan of Mr. Van Dyke’s as long as I can remember, so today was truly a dream come true.

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