I have these hair pins that I’m obsessed with. They’re not sold in stores anymore, and there’s nothing really special about them…EXCEPT THAT THEY’RE AMAZING. These are the only pins that will hold my hair up all day long. Fuck you, bobby pins: these guys are where it’s at.


I only have three.  My mom pilfered a bunch of them, so this trio is real important to me. I realize that it’s time for me to maybe look online and buy a few more.  So I check Amazon, and I find something very close.  I think that they’re going to work out.

Amazon - Amish Made Hair Pins

Amish Made. Sold by Menonite Maidens.

…will they keep up my heathen hair?!

But, also…do Menonites use the internet? Am I ignorant for not knowing?

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