Remember that time in May when was like, “I’m gonna post the rest of my Alaska trip! No worries!” and now it’s July? Ha. Truth is: Apple’s Photo app + iCloud Photo Sharing has really fucked me up, and my pictures from the trip are in (seemingly) a thousand different places. Fixing that means A) having the time to fix that and B) having the willpower to fix that. Exhausting. I’ll get to it. Whatever.

Summer has been stupid busy.  I made a promise to myself that I was going to “up my game” this summer, which may sound vague to you but is specific to me. Thankfully, making that promise was all I needed to do. I’ve “Law of Attraction”ed some pretty cool things into my life.

Like, oh hey! I met an idol of mine and guest-starred on her podcast.

Molls is a hilarious and talented lady with an ebook that you should buy.

My reality show friends are deep into filming season 4 of their reality show, so hanging out with them usually means signing a release. I should be seen a few times flipping my hair in the background, so I suppose that’s exciting. There’s one scene I should be featured in…if it gets cut, I’ll flip a table instead of my hair because the scene was hilarious and heartwarming and involved a two-person horse costume.


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What else?

Work is busy because I’m training newbies and it’s become immediately clear to me how much I’ve learned since last summer. Relatedly, I want to work in TV for the rest of my life.

I’m reading. Just finished The Girl With All the Gifts and I’m almost done with Station Eleven. I recommend them both, especially Girl, and especially before it’s released as a movie next year because they did a really shitty thing with the casting of it. Currently taking recommendations for my next read…probably not something apocalypse-related?

I’m taking another Facebook break, so if you’re a friend and you think that I dramatically unfriended you? That’s not the case. I’m on Twitter. I’m on Instagram. I’m living and breathing within Los Angeles city limits.

Here’s to the rest of the summer!

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