On a warm, Los Angeles Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I don’t have to answer to anyone. That I’m able to put on The Empire Strikes Back and clean my apartment in my underpants, something that I’ve been needing to do for a while because I’ve been so damn busy.

I’m thankful that I’m so damn busy! I’m also thankful for Star Wars.

I’m thankful that I feel on top of the world lately. I feel productive and creative. I feel like I’m pushing into the right direction and manifesting my destiny. I start a writing class on Tuesday, and my best friend is teaching me about writing for television.

I’m thankful for that best friend. A lot lately. A lot a lot. We’ll be fifteen years old forever.

I’m thankful that even though I’ve been drinking a lot of scotch and Guinness and not thinking about the food I put in my body, I’ve somehow lost weight. I’m knocking on all of the wood.

I’m thankful that sweet Silver Lake homosexuals are taking me in tonight. They’re letting me be a part of their Orphan Thanksgiving, and all I have to bring are rolls. Rolls! Bless their bearded little hearts.

I’m thankful for my health, my silly dog that barks too much, my mom and dad, my sweet little apartment, and that I have a great job.

I’m ending 2014 on a hell of a high.

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