In 2009, I was lost. I’d been working for two years at a company that I was very passionate about, but was stuck in a role with unsupportive leadership. A perfect storm happened: I took a vacation to Los Angeles that completely shifted my perspective, I had a close friend that was also looking to make a big change, and a situation happened at work that caused me to realize just how disrespectful my manager was. Serendipity lead me to Full Sail University‘s front page: there was an open house the next day. I signed up for their Master’s of Entertainment Business program. I was a student two months later. In a little over a year, I graduated top of my class with a 4.0 GPA. When it’s time for me to make a change? I make it real quick.

In my youth, business wasn’t anything that I ever contemplated, but nothing I’ve done has ever felt more right than being in that program. It wrangled and harnessed all of the energy that I hadn’t realized was entrepreneurial. I gained so much tenacity in my year at Full Sail. I realized that anything was possible and it was in my command.

Los Angeles is a town in which unemployment is completely acceptable and expected. Here, we call it “between projects“. Isn’t that pleasant-sounding??

I’m currently between projects, a choice I made on my own. In my downtime – besides doing some personal assisting here and there – I’ve been working on my own branding and social media marketing. This blog is part of that, and GOODNESS! It’s shown me that a little effort goes a long way.  In one day (just one day!) I got nearly 200 hits. But more importantly, I got a lot of support from people that I really didn’t expect.

I’ve also been keeping track of my social media outlets. It’s nutty to me that in the last month, my Instagram followers have increased by 14%, I’ve added 15 new LinkedIn connections, and my Tumblr usage is up 16%.

So, in short: be industrious, keep plugging away, and don’t let the situations you’re in keep you down.

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