About a year and a half ago, someone in my neighborhood put a mouse in a cage (complete with toys, a mouse wheel, and extra food) out on the sidewalk in my neighborhood.  At first I thought maybe someone was airing out.  Do you do that with pet mice? I didn’t know.  Six hours later, at midnight, it was still there.  I took it in.  No one ever put out “Missing Mouse” signs, so I figured it was fine.

This mouse wasn’t in the best shape, and pretty quickly it started disintegrating before my eyes.  Despite frequent cage cleanings and washings (I washed a mouse.  Someone get me a medal.) it lost a lot of fur, scratched off it’s own ear, and somehow lost an eye.  It was a haggard little thing, but I kept feeding it, bought it a ball to roll around in, and y’know…talked to it.  That’s right!  I talked to my mouse.

It passed away today while I was cleaning house.  I’m glad it happened while I was here, so it wasn’t alone. I went next door to tell Valerie and Ben about it, and Ben told me that “that mouse couldn’t have had a better end”.

So, here’s to you, mouse!!

(This may be the silliest blog post I’ve ever written.)

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