I haven’t written anything on a public forum since May because a lot of personal stuff happened that wasn’t worth sharing on a public forum. Namely?

I GOT A JOB. That’s right! I was deemed worthy of hiring by a giant company whom I have worked for in the past. I’ve devoted more of my life to this company than any other company, so it feels like coming home. I’m working for a different subsidiary of the company then I did in the past, and I didn’t know what said subsidiary’s feelings on social media were, so I figured “mum’s the word” was the best policy for the first few weeks. I can’t believe it’s been 90 days already.  I’ve made great friends, it’s in a wonderful location, and I’m finally working in television. I’m very happy there.

I fell in love this summer.

I bought a car in July. That was intense. I cried about it, a lot, because buying a new car meant bidding adieu to my 2004 Corolla.

The Corolla was my first car, it had 185,000 miles on it, and it had shuttled me from college up to my childhood home in Maryland a few times, around the state of Florida, and cross country to Los Angeles. California beat it up a few times (3 accidents in 3 years!), and I avoided death in it once or twice. It was loyal and cheap to maintain until it wasn’t. I now own a 2012 VW Passat. I’ve wanted to own a VW since sitting behind the wheel of my parent’s ’82 Scirocco (I learned stick on that bitch) so suffice to say, I’m pretty happy about it. It’s a grown up car!

My best friend from college came out to visit.

It was amazing. I miss him so much it hurts. He affirmed to me that I’ve loosened up and grown a lot since Orlando, and I can’t express how validating it was hearing that.

I’m in the process of major apartment renovations. I’m painting the whole studio, and I’m getting a new kitchen thanks to a rotted out counter. I’m going to have a full-sized fridge again! I haven’t had one of those in 3.5 years! Seriously, y’all…a think a fridge with a light in it is going to vastly improve my eating habits.

I’ve decided to get back into performing. Prior to getting hired, I was going through the motions of contemplating law school or moving back east. Now that I’m working in the field I’ve been trying to crack into for a while and am making enough money to really enjoy this city, I can see the career path that I’d like to head down. Learning how to write for TV and meeting more creative people are paramount to that path. I’m watching Upright Citizens Brigade‘s website like a hawk, waiting to sign up for Improv 101. I miss the stage.

I deactivated Facebook. I can’t take the beast it’s become. I hate that my whole former life is on there, as a lot of things have changed and there are people I don’t want to be associated with anymore.  I hate missing out on my family’s posts, and stalking people, and the ease of an event invite…but my reduced exposure to ice bucket challenges, “Suggested Pages”, and discovering that yet another friend is engaged/married/expecting more than makes up for it.

Yeesh, I think that covers it. Autumn: I welcome you with open arms, and look forward to wearing boots and sweaters.

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