Tamagotchi RETURNS

Seriously, like…a Tamagotchi app is a long time comin’, right??

I think that my Tamagotchi was the first thing that I purchased online.  I got it from Wal-Mart.com, and vividly remember checking the site every day until they became available.  I hoped and prayed for a pink-and-purple one.  I got a blue-yellow-pink one.  I mean, at least I got one, right?

I went up to Connecticut to visit my cousins that summer, and Mark and I started our Tamagotchis at the same time.  When he’d go off to Polkadot Playhouse theatre camp, I’d babysit his.  I wore them both on a lanyard around my neck.

I loved visiting Mark’s family because they just had the coolest shit.  A household of two boys, there were no dolls, no Barbies…which frankly I’d never been into.  They had video game systems, a pinball machine, a pool table, MOON SHOES, and a zip line in the backyard.  That zip line killed my half of mine and Mark’s Tamagotchi twins; at the end of the zip line I stopped, but inertia slammed my Tamagotchi lanyard right into the base a big giant oak tree.  His was fine, but mine restarted. Life lessons, thanks to Bandai, Inc.

Man, the 90’s were great, right?

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